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WHERE'S THE PLAY? Boys, Baseball, and the Power of America's Favorite Pastime by Ken Gleed

WHERE'S THE PLAY? Boys, Baseball, and the Power of America's Favorite Pastime

by Ken Gleed

180 pages
Boys, baseball, and the power of America's favorite pastime.

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Category: Sports
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About the Book
The question, “Where’s the play?” may not mean much to the average person, but these were the famous words spoken by our Knothole League baseball coach at any given time on the field, and seared into our tiny little orb-like brains. Ultimately, this oft repeated expression would greatly contribute to what I now look upon as a trifecta: achieving our every hope and dream; restoring distinction and prominence to our community; and saving our sponsor from the ache of financial ruin. My dad barked this signature phrase to challenge our self-thinking out on the field. Little did he or any of us know that these simple words, spoken to us at an impressionable age, would become a beacon to guide our vision of life to this day.

The four main characters: the coach, the sponsor, Robbie (our star pitcher), and me (the weakest link) are each given a chapter so the reader can become better acquainted with them and to help understand their pivotal role in the creation of the dream team. The rest of the team is described in great detail throughout various portions of the book.

Originally, we didn’t seem destined for the success we had. Few kid leagues in the world faced a team as formidable as Shotwell’s Shockers. They were every opponent’s nightmare and every coach’s dream. The Twin Falls Realty Classics (my team) was confronted with just such a curse. The only thing that made it worse was the Shockers knew they were the best, and there was nothing we could do about it—At least, not until we got a new coach (my dad), rearranged our team a bit, and emerged from Tee-ball to fast-pitch.

With the best pitcher in the league and a good coach to help mold his raw skills and teach the fundamentals to us addle-heads of the Peanut League, our little brotherhood of beatniks would have the most amazing championship season we could imagine. Not only did we win it all with a rookie coach in that first year of fast-pitch ball, but we were able to maintain our dominance the following years to the extent that, today we might look back on those days and call ourselves a dynasty.

Plenty of summer fun, laughter, and excitement is interspersed with memories of days gone by in Where’s the Play? which recounts the value of good-hearted, caring coaching and sponsorship, and the joys of playing the game. The narrative will leave the reader inspired by the upbeat, positive, visionary coach; equally enamored by the loveable and affable sponsor; and unavoidably enchanted by a team of misfit kids who, against great odds, fight their way to the elusive championship game in their beloved stadium. The energy leading up to the final contest is rich with anticipation.



About the Author
Ken Gleed Ken Gleed holds a bachelor’s degree in Japanese from BYU. He has done Post Graduate (MBA) work at The University of Hawaii. He holds technical certificates as a CNE/MCSE and delivered dozens of speeches and presentations for small and large groups in various venues. This is his first full-length book.



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