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THE FOOD BRIDGE TO EVERYWHERE: Confessions of an Old Foodophile by Lenny Karpman

THE FOOD BRIDGE TO EVERYWHERE: Confessions of an Old Foodophile

by Lenny Karpman

536 pages
Non-fiction food/travel memoir spanning 70 years and 90 countries.

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About the Book
Indeed, there is no foodophile like an old foodophile. The Food Bridge to Everywhere, Confessions of an Old Foodophile is a food memoir artfully crafted to entertain and inform food lovers, real and armchair world travelers, gourmets, gourmands, creative cooks and memorabilia buffs.The venerable author has lived a rich life and writes about it beautifully. He reveals his story like a pastry chef creating a Napoleon with lovingly stacked transformative layers of discoveries and life’s passages. He adds depth and feeling from his personal experiences, exposes the essence of his and generic food obsessions and infuses appropriate scientific clarity from his thirty plus years as a cardiologist.An apprentice in a notable French restaurant in San Francisco, caterer for friends and fund raisers, restaurant reviewer and prolific food and travel writer, Dr. Karpman brings the reader with him to the corners of the earth and braids an often sensitive and amusing page-turner like a Shabbat challah, warm out of the oven.


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About the Author
Lenny Karpman, MD is a chef, cardiologist, travel and food writer with more than 180 publications, 6 books, and stories in four anthologies. He lives in Costa Rica with his wife Joan Hall and their farm with rescued birds and animals.



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