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TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD: Our Tales of Delights and Disasters by Shelley Row

TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD: Our Tales of Delights and Disasters

by Shelley Row

132 pages
Shelley travels the world experiencing fun, adventure and a little danger.

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About the Book
Whatever philosopher said, “Never is life so exciting as at the beginning of a journey” has never traveled with Shelley and Mike. In Shelley’s second travel book, Traveling Around the World: Our Tales of Delights and Disasters, she describes how their meticulously planned travel didn’t go as planned, to say the least.

Traveling around the world is an adventure that lures many. Shelley and her husband, Mike, were torn between their dream to live in France for a year; to be immersed in the culture and lifestyle of Provence, and the pull of exotic places. In the end, they decided to live in France for ten months, (told in her book, Living Like a Local; Stories of Our Life in France) followed by six weeks of round-the-world travel.

They left the security of their careers, the comfort of their home, and the familiarity of their neighborhood and moved to France. For ten months, they made their home in the village of Cotignac in southern France. After ten months, it was time to leave, travel the world, and ultimately return home to Annapolis. They left France with a thorough, thoughtful plan and an impressive stack of papers – reservations for planes, trains, rental cars, boats, buses, hotels and tours. They were ready – or so they thought!

In Traveling Around the World: Our Tales of Delights and Disasters, Shelley shares her stories of fun, adventure and a little danger. They experienced ancient Istanbul, temples in Bangkok, elephants in Chiang Mai, meditation with Thai monks, sheep shearing and tramping in New Zealand, and three days on the famous Orient Express in Malaysia. But, between those experiences disasters of one sort or another unfolded. They landed in Cairo on the first day of the riots, were in Christchurch during the earthquake and spent the night at a hotel by the water in Honolulu as the tsunami rushed past.

Through it all, Shelley wrote. Her stories bring the people, events and feelings to life as though you were there. Share the smiles and the tears, the happiness and the fear, as you follow Shelley and Mike on their journey home.


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About the Author
Shelley Row Shelley Row, transportation engineer and senior executive in the federal government, is an award-winning leader and sought-after speaker. At the peak of her career she moved to France where she and her husband lived their long-held dream. Today, Shelley is a speaker, writer and coach on goal achievement and leadership.



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