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The Turning Tide by Bill Baldwin

The Turning Tide

by Bill Baldwin

368 pages
Science Fiction Space Opera with unusual alternate-history twist.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
The best-selling Helmsman Saga continues in this all-new novel as Wilf Brim begins to pick up the pieces of his life after a trumped-up court martial deprived him of his beloved commission in the Imperial Fleet. Around him, the Second Great war continues apace, even as his beleaguered old Empire begins to turn the tide of conflict toward ultimate victory over The League of Dark Stars.

But no matter how powerful his enemies, Brim’s friends well know his value to the war effort. Though Galactic Emperor Onrad temporarily lacks the power to restore Brim’s commission in the Imperial Fleet, he recognizes there are missions unique to Brim’s abilities that can as well be done by a civilian as by a uniformed service man—and soon Brim is in the thick of it, albeit somewhat illegally.

However, his same powerful enemies quickly realize that even without a uniform, Brim is still every bit a threat to them— perhaps even more so—than he was previously. In a clever turn-about, they mount their most deadly attack ever on his life, placing him unarmed in a situation so outlandish and dangerous that he may rely only on his most basic instincts to merely survive.

Will this at last be the end of Wilf Brim and the Helmsman Saga?

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About the Author
Author of The Helmsman Saga, eight SIFI space-operas, and The Enigma Strategy, a WW-II thriller, Baldwin styles himself “a simple programmer.” He spent eight years at Cape Canaveral, supporting Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. Retired from Xerox, he messes with boats and writes from Dallas, Texas and Bemus Point, New York.



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