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by Anthony Acri

280 pages
The Decline of the first great Italian empire.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
In the year 1140 since the founding of the Villanovis, in Tuscan Laurentium, an aging senator discovers a way out of his decade long political gulag imprisonment. With only a black cat named Isis as a companion, Cornelius Sabsonius, once a prince of the royal houses of Tuscany, flees his native land for the blisteringly beautiful port of Regium, in the toe of Italy. Here, he discovers a foreign nation, as no Italy he had ever seen, filled with joyousness, heat, revenge, raucousness, thieves, doges, consortium’s Greek frauds, middlebrow hausfraus, lovers, clowns, queer poets, playwrights, gorgeous buxom actress who play the goddess of love, clever boys, lovely house maids, and a sewer worker who seems to run the town as a shadow alleyways doge.

Also, He meets his new landlady, a lovely matron named Italia Julia, who holds her own secrets of a noble past. He pines for his old life, his beloved gone wife, and he recalls a pretty daughter lost to the lustful imperium of the destroyer of Tuscany, the supreme Tyrant –a man named Aquila.

And, in his transcribing of fairy tales from the now almost unread Tuscan, he begins within the tales of beautiful goddesses and doomed strong men, the most Italian of all mythologies. He, now freed, enters the sparkling new world of the Etruscan augers. He unravels the universe as seen in the manuscript of the love affair between the moon nymph par excellence, the beautiful brunette Turan, and her paramour, the smitten, scheming, shamming, chancing burning God of thieves - the blond demon named Kemeter.



About the Author
Anthony Acri is a cartoonist-writer, classically trained by Franciscan priests in the last American golden age. He lives near Pittsburgh Pa.



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