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My Life is the High Life by Gene Suttle

My Life is the High Life

by Gene Suttle

230 pages
Humorous look at high school life. Satire at its best.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
My Life is the High Life continues the saga of beleaguered high school principal William Robert Masters. Having barely survived the near-naked cheerleader carwash the previous fall, Masters struggles to bring the school year to an end. Prom provides all kinds of possible disasters, from wardrobe malfunctions to spiked punch bowls, to distract William as he continues to strive for the perfect graduation.

William Robert, or Billy Bob to his friends, brings along many of the characters that we met in My Life is the High Way for this satirical romp through the halls of the local high school. In addition, new characters are introduced that will keep you laughing and shaking your head as you wonder how the author knows your next door neighbor. Each page brings you closer to the hilarious, but dramatic conclusion for the folks of Shasta.


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About the Author
Gene Suttle Gene Suttle served in public education in Texas for thirty-two years. He has been a teacher, a coach, and a principal at nine schools in six districts across north Texas. Gene is married and has two children and a daughter-in- law. This is his second novel.



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