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All That Money by Steven K. Meyers

All That Money

by Steven K. Meyers

158 pages
An impatient Depression-era heiress hurries her inheritance along.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Celebrity crimes often breed rumors that the "victim" was complicit. In the 1934 Lucie Spode White kidnapping case, the rumors are true.

Falls City's Depression belle is a beautiful, high-living heiress with a stingy husband who expects her to get by on $100 a week pin money (at a time when whole families survive on far less). She's only 25 and won't come into her inheritance until she's 30. How can she possibly make it?

Sexy, and generous--though ruthless--with her favors, when she can't raise $3 for a room at a hot-pillow motel, Lucie enlists her handsome young lover, Harry Thrall, in a scheme to anticipate part of her inheritance. Just a prank. Can't be a crime if she's in on it, right?

Though he worries that one of them--and he knows who--will end up on Death Row while the other lives it up on Easy Street, pants-on-fire Harry enters into the spirit of the thing. After all, he needs money, too, if he's ever going to get to Hollywood.

So off they go, and in come reality and J. Edgar Hoover. Lucie finds herself trapped in a closet with a gash in her head and a stinking bucket for a toilet, while Hoover's G-Men dog Harry across the country.

All That Money is a fast-moving reverse mystery that gives the reader a rollicking ride with Harry, Lucie, her hapless husband and great relations--and persistent young F.B.I. Special Agent Joe Albright sniffing out the trail!


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About the Author
Steven K. Meyers was born and raised on a farm near Grand Junction, Colorado. A graduate of the City College of New York, he lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He is the author of the novel Good People ( 2010) and of a forthcoming study of the forgotten American painter Harvey Joiner, The Man in the Balloon.



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