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Blithewold: Legacy of an American Family by Margaret Whitehead

Blithewold: Legacy of an American Family

by Margaret Whitehead

382 pages
Social history of a family and their estate in Bristol, Rhode Island.

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Category: History
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About the Book
Blithewold: Legacy of an American Family is a social history of a Pennsylvania family who, having made a fortune in the coal-mining industry in the mid 1800s, builds an estate on seventy acres of fertile land on Narragansett Bay in Bristol, Rhode Island. The women of the family devoted their lives to creating spectacular gardens and a renowned arboretum. The 45-room mansion remains intact, with all the original furniture and furnishings. This book, which covers the years 1810 to 2010, uses the vast archival collection of letters, diaries, photographs, and journals to tell the story the family's involvement in the Civil War and the First World War; their travels in Europe and throughout North America; sailing on Narragansett Bay and big game hunting in Alaska and Wyoming; and their devotion to music, art, and horticulture. The final chapter explains how the estate has been preserved and opened to the public as an authentic historic house museum and "An American Garden Treasure."



About the Author
Margaret Whitehead Margaret Whitehead is the Curator of Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum in Bristol, Rhode Island. She has devoted much of the past twenty years to studying and interpreting the vast archival collection. This book is a social history of the family who created the estate, and covers the years 1810 to 2010.



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