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A Summer With David by Kevin Fair

A Summer With David

by Kevin Fair

640 pages
The first book in the Penny McConaughy Adventure Series

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Dear Reader,

As a writer, my most intense desire is to give the reader a chance to escape from the craziness of this world for just a little while. If escape is what you are looking for, then you will love this story of adventure and mystery.

Imagine you are 16 years old and just received shocking news that your young life, which up to that time was pretty much selfishly filled with sleepovers, video games, and pizza parties, had suddenly become terminal. Imagine you just received a letter from your brother who endured similar untimely news 16 years earlier, only months before his death.

Such imaginations become reality for one Maine-born, Penny McConaughy, who develops a rare cancer just as her brother had. In the midst of these new developments in her life comes the surprising revelation that no one actually knows just how her brother, David, died if in fact he actually had. The only clue implicating his death is a blood-stained jacket inscribed with his initials, the game piece in a tug of war battle between two bear cubs.

Faced with an incurable disease, David reveals in his letter a series of hidden videos produced for his then unborn sister. During the making of the videos, David mysteriously disappears, leaving behind only clues as to the location of each video. Sure that the videos hold clues as to her brother’s last days, Penny quickly enlists the aid of a nerd, a hottie, and her nutty girlfriend to uncover the truth behind her brother’s disappearance. The most astonishing clue of all, “I saw something, something incredible, Penny, at Lake Katahdin…something more than curiosity is drawing me back there.”

A Summer with David is more than a story. It is a journey of the heart, laced with invisible thorns sure to lay open the heart of the reader. The enticement of mystery and adventure will thrill you, while acts of humility and compassion will find you measuring your own.

A Summer with David is the first book in the Penny McConaughy Adventure Series.

Have fun reading!


Kevin Fair



About the Author
Kevin graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1976 after he which served four years as a commissioned officer in the USAF. His first novel, A Summer with David, was inspired by his love for mystery, adventure, humor, and family values. Kevin lives in Oklahoma with his wife, Patricia.



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