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My Way is the High Way by Gene Suttle

My Way is the High Way

by Gene Suttle

224 pages
Fictional humor-Life and times at Shasta High School

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
Jell-O wrestling…casino night…a near naked cheerleader carwash…a principal’s job is never done. William Robert Masters has been at Shasta High for twelve years and is amazed how each day brings an even more bizarre situation than the day before. Between meeting with local civic clubs and maintaining a fragile relationship with his superintendent, William’s balancing act is to keep the students in school and the community happy. William’s biggest problem is how to juggle so many curve balls that are thrown his way.

William’s personal life is in worse shape than his school. Having more than a few choices of companionship, William is fearful of another failed relationship, but likes female company. Walking through the dating options is a minefield and one wrong step can cost him his job or land him in jail.

My Way is the High Way is satire at its best as the reader finds themselves face to face with a cast of characters that live right in their own neighborhood. Each day brings more laughs, usually at William’s expense, and culminates with a dramatic collision with all the powers that be.


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About the Author
Gene Suttle Gene Suttle has been in public education for thirty-two years. He has been a teacher, coach, or principal at nine schools in six districts across north Texas. His experiences, combined with his passion for writing, is a winning combination. Gene is married and has two children and a daughter-in-law.



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