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by Jon Kofas

356 pages
A gripping passion-filled and suspenseful tale of love and betrayal.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
A gripping, passion-filled, and suspenseful tale of love, betrayal, political and religious intrigue, this novel entices the readerís senses and intellect beyond conventions. Slaves to Gods and Demons takes the reader through a roller coaster enthralling journey of personal trials and triumphs of a family emerging vanquished and destitute after World War II.

Narrated by a young boy, Morfeos, modeled after the Greco-Roman pagan deity of sleep and dreams, the book reveals the soul of a people trying to ascertain and assert their identity while rebuilding their lives and recapturing the glory of a lost civilization.

Seeking liberation from restraints of time, social conventions, and binding traditions, the deity of dreams provides the conformist and the free-spirited characters in the novel with venues for redemption that are mere paths toward illusions. Exploring the complexities of human relationships shaped by priest and politician alike, the novel rests on the central theme that life is invariably a series of illusions, some of which are euphoric, most horrifying, all an integral part of daily existence.

Striving for purpose amid lifeís absurdities after the destruction of western civilization in two global wars, the characters in Slaves to Gods and Demons struggle between holding on to the glory and grandeur of a pagan legacy and the Christian present shaped by contemporary secular events in Western Civilization.



About the Author
Born in Greece, Jon Kofas was educated in the U.S. In 1979, he received his Ph.D. in Chicago, and taught history at the university level until 2005. Now retired, Jon has dedicated his time to writing novels. SLAVES TO GODS AND DEMONS was first published in Greece in 2010. The reviews have been excellent and the public has received the book with great enthusiasm.



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