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Living the Abundant Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Realizing Prosperity by Elena St. Onge

Living the Abundant Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Realizing Prosperity

by Elena St. Onge

114 pages
Remove the blocks that are keeping you from your abundance.

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Category: Self Help:Success
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About the Book
All you need are ten weeks to get out of a rut and into the flow.

How can you get your energy flowing? Living the Abundant Life provides a framework for you to release the fear, negativity and unforgiveness that is keeping you from the prosperity you desire. Whether you want more love, peace, joy or income, the process of releasing negative energy and opening to positive energy is the same. Each of the ten chapters contains an idea to work with through exercises and journaling. Whether used in a group book study setting or individually, practicing these truths will reveal areas where you are stuck and give you the tools to work through them.

Quotes from Living the Abundant Life students:
"My most important learning was about some issues of self doubt and unworthiness. Peace of Mind. I now sleep better!"

"The most challenging topic was opening to my good. A bit difficult for me to move into the space of receiving abundance."

"What I got from the Tracker [included] was how much time and money I do not spend on the most important things to me."

"My most important learning from the class was when I live my life from my vision, I am at cause. When I live my life from external circumstances, I am at effect."

What will your biggest "aha" be from Living the Abundant Life? Take ten weeks to find out!



About the Author
Elena St. Onge uses her success in the corporate world to help others as an abundance coach. She holds a doctorate in Sociology from Northwestern University, and has numerous years of experience in teaching spiritual prosperity principles.



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