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WHO ARE WE REALLY 102: When Tomorrow Comes by Crystal Clark

WHO ARE WE REALLY 102: When Tomorrow Comes

by Crystal Clark

638 pages
WHO ARE WE REALLY 102: When Tomorrow Comes

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
Who Are We Really 102: When Tomorrow Comes, is the second book in the series, but its move into the realm of fiction takes the reader on a brand new journey, deepening the experience by exploring the meaning of time and alternate realities through the lens of the sacred science. Do alternate timelines and dimensions exist? If so, what is our connection to them? When we inhale in one timeline, is another part of ourselves, exhaling in another?

Like two powerful magnets, the distance between science and spirituality is closing fast. The changes this can bring to our world, are almost beyond comprehension. This reunion may be one of the most profound things to ever occur in our lifetimes, as the characters in the book discover.

Something has happened-something big-a singular reality has split in two. Timeline One is seen through the eyes of a section of humanity that refused to merge the sacred (love) with the science (technology)-this resulted in an unnatural and artificial reality that destroyed nature and life at every turn, by those who owned the rights to it. Timeline Two is experienced through a part of humanity that moved into a new reality dominated by love and respect-a culture that incorporates the sacred into all of their science. As a result, they are now in a position to not only transcend death, but also to interact with the Universe and all of its inhabitants in entirely new ways.

The individuals in each timeline discover that even though they are separate, they are still connected, as all things are-they are not alone. Both sides soon realize that the power of love transcends time and space, but how can they be reunited with those they've been separated from, and are those they lost, really parts of themselves?

On this incredible journey through the past, present and future, as seen through the magnificent journey of love and loss the characters in each timeline experience, perhaps the reader will be left wondering: are they us?



About the Author
Crystal Clark left the corporate world to take a fantastic journey into the unknown, where she rediscovered an ancient sacred science. She continues to write about a wide range of topics, allowing readers to experience the interconnectedness of all things, which ultimately reminds them who they really are.



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