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Professional Woman by Paidra Delayno

Professional Woman

by Paidra Delayno

322 pages
One woman's journey from country housewife to professional assassin.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Can anybody imagine his or her life totally changing in one heartbeat? One minute an uncomplicated country woman and her soul mate husband are happily going along in the flow of life.

Almost the next minute she hears the sickening sound of metal twisting and her husband is dead. Head trauma from the car accident has robbed her voice. To make matters worse, somebody wants to kill her.

What if people knew she saw and talked to her dead husband? Is it such a blessing to have that ability? How would she know she hasn’t lost her mind? What does she use as a yardstick to judge her sanity by?

She locates her husband’s ignored uncle and finds he has mob connections. Quite unexpectedly, he personally trains her to ‘take care’ of herself. He teaches her the ropes of his business and she hits the floor running.

There are many twists and turns along the way. The twists are in the path, the quest, to finally know her worth. The turns are when she finally comes to the place where taking care of herself becomes second nature.

Professional Woman tells the story of Racheal Sortini, brokenhearted, angry, ready for change, and anticipating a new life. She goes where she has never ventured before. The fact that her journey takes her outside the law does not enter into the equation.

Bethany Armstrong, Racheal’s friend, occasional lover, and mentor delves into the very core of her existence by sharing with her the ability to deal with the blows life has delivered her. Learning to ‘stand in her power’ is her passport to mental freedom. She is a bit surprised at herself but also proud of all she becomes.


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About the Author
Paidra Delayno Paidra Delayno lives on two beautiful acres 20 miles from nowhere in one of Oregon's beautiful mountain ranges. Her days are filled with writing, vegetable gardening, listening to her music collection, and communicating with internet friends.



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