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BRIGHT LIGHT: Untold Stories of the Top Secret War in Vietnam by Stephen Perry

BRIGHT LIGHT: Untold Stories of the Top Secret War in Vietnam

by Stephen Perry

148 pages
Top Secret, Black Operations of MACV-SOG during the Vietnam War.

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Category: Military
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About the Book
Bright Light is the true story of the author's training as a green beret medical specialist and his service with the top secret MACV SOG. The book reveals, for the first time, the author's firsthand accounts of dangerous black operations behind enemy lines. These dangerous missions took the author and his team within miles of Hanoi, looking for Navy pilots who were shot down over North Vietnam. Top secret Missions across the border into Laos are also described.

The author also shares the sometimes humorous happenings within the relative safety of the base camp and his personal thoughts and warnings about repeating our political mistakes in Iraq and Afghanistan.



About the Author
Stephen was born and raised in Southern California. He attended Don Bosco Technical High School, Orange Coast Jr. College and Cal State Fullerton. He enlisted in 1965 and completed training as a Special Forces Medical Specialist in early 1967. He volunteered for service in Vietnam and was assigned to Top Secret MACV-SOG.



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