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Emancipation by Michael R. Lane


by Michael R. Lane

160 pages
A literary compilation focused on a melting pot of Americans.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Emancipation is a diverse compilation of human and humane stories linked in an omnipotent way that only real life can assemble. Parents, grandparents, children, lovers, executive, thief, cop, educator, and drug dealer all have their unique tales to share. Their individual narratives of virtue, mischief, faith, immorality, morality, commitment and perseverance bridge generational gaps and make whole a humane patchwork in an otherwise ambiguous life-scape. In a society where quick labels and categories are selective means of branding one’s character, the individual is suffocating. These stories embrace our differences allowing them space to breathe. As we step through this journey of ordinary and extraordinary circumstances, perhaps the lesson learned is that we possess more common threads that bind than differences that divide.


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About the Author
Michael R. Lane Michael has studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Point Park College, Sonoma State University and Portland State University. Michael has written creatively for more than three decades, and his poetry and short fiction have appeared in numerous literary and small publications.



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