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Mormon Underwear by Johnny Townsend

Mormon Underwear

by Johnny Townsend

286 pages
Tales of gay Mormons.

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Category: Fiction:Gay
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About the Book
These thirteen tales, all dealing with gay Mormon men, tell the stories mainstream Mormons don't want to hear. Whether it is a young LDS man stripping to his Mormon underwear in public or a virginal 70-year-old finally giving in to temptation, a straight son who discovers his father kissing another man or a group who plots to put gays into positions of power within the Church, these are the stories too shameful or shocking to be told among traditional Saints.

Midwest Book Review calls Mormon Underwear "a fascinating collection with plenty to think about for gay studies and literature collections."


The thirteen stories in Mormon Underwear capture this struggle [between Mormonism and homosexuality] with humor, sadness, insight, and sometimes shocking details...."Mormon Underwear" provides compelling stories, literally from the inside-out.
- Niki D'Andrea, Phoenix New Times
Mormon Underwear is "a golden grouping of stories that are gritty, bawdy, sad, and memorable."
- Priscilla Estes, The US Review of Books


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About the Author
Johnny Townsend earned an MFA in fiction writing from Louisiana State University. He has published extensively in Newsday, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Sunstone, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Glimmer Train, The Massachusetts Review, and many other publications.



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