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The Awesome Realm of the Soul by Norma Green Hickox

The Awesome Realm of the Soul

by Norma Green Hickox

265 pages
Explains logic of reincarnation and gives needs for eternal life.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Afterlife
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About the Book
In The Awesome Realm of the Soul we are asked to put ourselves into a play-acting role of being the Creator God. This shows why reincarnation is the only way to structure the universe that makes sense.

Your spiritual family tree is compared to your human family tree with grandparents, parents and children. Our whole path of progress is explained including what we do when we are finally through with the earth plane lessons.

The three stages of synthesization are explained; a) merging the personality with the half of soul in incarnation, b) the half soul on the inner planes merges with the half soul in incarnation and finally c) the merged half souls merge with the overshadowing spirit.

The planes after this of the earth plane are explained, some in great detail with a few illustrations. Planet five is the one most churches think of as heaven. There is a long way to go after that and most people never reach for anything more. Planet six is one of being alone; planet seven is one of giving much help back to the people on earth. Planet ten is where new ideas are experimented with and tested. Planets eleven and twelve do not have many in them as yet, because we are a fairly new planet.

Several examples are given of contact with people who have recently crossed over and what their present existence consists of.

We learn exactly how the process of eternal life works. All it takes is one plus act or deed to allow any lifetime to become part of the eternal soul. If a person never commits any deeds that will further humanity then he will not live eternal life.

At the end of each lifetime, the plus and minus lifetimes are stored on a reel of film. The minus experiences are used to determine the lessons that need to be learned in the next try at incarnation.


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About the Author
Norma is a professional musician. She plays and teaches six instruments and composes music. She has been an organist and choir director for many different spiritual denominations and has also taught vocal music in private schools. She has also been involved with the arts of painting, writing, dance and theater.



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