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Pawn's Gambit by JR Hume

Pawn's Gambit

by JR Hume

244 pages
Jubal Khan leads a revolt against the mad king Rattan.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
In the bloody aftermath of an unsuccessful rebellion against Rattan, mad king of Sandakar, Jubal Khan is pursued by King Rattan's Special Directorate thugs.

As he escapes across the Bleak Hills, Khan begins to realize that he may have no choice but to begin organizing another revolt. Leaving the island of Cappabar might be possible, but the SD has a long reach. There is no safety in flight.

Across Cappabar, men struggle to survive the onslaught of SD goons. Fighting erupts in waterfront dives, at road crossings, around desert waterholes. Bloody-handed assassins stalk the night.

Khan's army comes together from dire necessity. In order to survive, he and his men must crush the evil oozing out of Sandakar -- or die trying.

Rattan begins styling himself as Emperor of all Cappabar. Once Khan is eliminated, he plans to bring the rest of the island to heel. The remnants of his army are enough, he believes, to finish Khan's army and overrun the island. After that, his Special Directorate will begin a reign of terror sufficient to maintain the new Empire.

Failure, for Khan and his men, means lingering death under the clawed hands of Vulch, Rattan's chief warlock.

Jubal Khan marches his army toward a blood-red dawn.



About the Author
JR Hume was born in Montana and raised on a small farm. He served in the US Army from 1965 to 1968, including a year in Vietnam. He has been an air traffic controller, an auto mechanic and fleet buyer for a Colorado city.



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