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There are So Many Things to Read! by James E. Gentry, Ed.D.

There are So Many Things to Read!

by James E. Gentry, Ed.D.

67 pages
This book provides elementary teachers and parents engaging reading strategies.

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Category: Education
About the Book
This book offers teachers and parents of young readers numerous strategies that engage readers and connect reading to real world learning. The most important achievement of a child in this world is learning how to read. Dr. James E. Gentry, reading expert and special education teacher, has compiled a collection of colorful images and related strategies to help children read naturally through direct experiences. Each picture has at least one strategy to engage beginning readers. Teachers and parents will appreciate the hands-on learning experiences offered. Speaking, listening, writing, alphabetic principle, and phonological awareness experience strategies are provided. Dr. Gentry's strategies evolved from his childhood experiences as a special education student and his recent research with reading disorders. If you are seeking developmentally appropriate methods to connect reading to the real world, this book will be a great start.



About the Author
James E. Gentry, Ed.D. James E. Gentry, Ed.D., has served students with special learning needs for 17 years. Dr. Gentry’s experiences with reading disorders as well as his research have provided him opportunities to practice and developed research based reading strategies. Today, he prepares future teachers at Tarleton State University.



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