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The White Cockroach by William M. Barnes

The White Cockroach

by William M. Barnes

428 pages
Mexican drugs, action, romance, intrigue, - like fly-fishing for sharks.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Every person in this whole wide, screwed-up world has a price :
In Colombia, a junkie pay’s less than the cost of a Big Mac for a gram of toot.

In the U.S., wholesale price for a gram of cocaine is in the neighborhood of $50.00 but if you really want to get high…...

In New Zealand, it’s more like $714.00.

Vice-president Arthur Wilbank's price is world-wide political, military, industrial and especially agricultural dominance.

Darla McCargo’s price is enough money to hang on to her ranch.

Chris Vargas’ price is whatever it takes to preserve America’s security against vicious drug dealers or the love of Darla McCargo, whichever comes first.

Chuy Dominguez’s price is enough drug money to buy an island for Darla Mccargo.

Ramón Cisneros' price is enough drug money to become Doble Vida and gain control of the Gulf Cartel.

Marcel Benavides’ price is enough drug money to kill Cisneros and regain control of the Gulf Cartel.

Isaac Gonzales-Gonzales’ price is two-hundred million pounds sterling.

Isaiah Soledad Portales may have a price but it is yet to be determined.


A Timely Tale, don't open The White Cockroach unless you have a day to spare. You'll be unable to put down this timely, suspense-packed tale of Darla McCargo's brilliant undercover work to rout a targeted Mexican drug lord. I highly recommend this book.
- Darla G. Curry
The author tackles the very current issue of violence between rival Mexican drug cartels, and somehow spins in a love story to keep it interesting. The gripping suspense starts in the prolog and held my attention to the very end. The character development is brilliant. The female protagonist Darla McCargo is feisty, courageous, quick-witted, unpredictable, sexy and probably every man's fantasy.
- E. Vaughan
I was very impressed with the quality of the writing of this book. For two nights, I was glued to the pages of this novel and finally finished it the second night about 3:00 AM. I would recommend it to all fans as a critique of today's world as it relates to the drug scene in North America.
- Chuck Ruff
This novel is ripped from current news stories of the violence, greed, and horror of the Mexican drug cartels bringing dope to the United States. Barnes has written a page turner with interesting characters and plenty of action.
- Tim Murray
I really enjoyed reading this novel. It has many lives intersecting, one building on the other, very character driven. I usually have a hard time getting started on novels, but once I got started was very anxious to finish. The written word gives you a very visual picture of what is going on, you feel like you are right there.
- Leroy Ingram
The seduction scene is delightful but that's not all! This novel is full of eye-opening details about what happens in our own backyard. Our own nation and border-neighbor. I learned a lot from The White Cockroach about how many politicians protect the profits and commerce of the drug industry. Taxpayers fork over huge sums of money for drug wars we can't win. While I'm not convinced legalizing all drugs is the solution, I think Barnes makes a compelling case for taking the power and profit out of the drug lords and getting it into the legal realm--regulate drug sales and TAX the profiteers. This book would be a good launching point for classroom discussions of the politics of the drug business.
- Carol Kean


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About the Author
William M. Barnes William M. Barnes majored in geology in Alpine, Texas. After forty years in the oil business, he writes fiction about local drug smuggling problems in the area around the Big Bend Park and theorizes about international solutions to those problems. Barnes lives in Conroe, Texas with his wife, Margaret.



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