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Dear Mary: My Life with ADHD by Don K Potochny

Dear Mary: My Life with ADHD

by Don K Potochny

368 pages
Living with ADHD

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
As estimated six million American adults struggle with undiagnosed ADHD. The time has come to pave the path to enlightenment by describing what it was like living with the condition. Dear Mary: My life with ADHD is an intimate account of the confusion and self-doubt that invaded my life on a daily basis for forty-four years.

Five sections divide the book. "Discovery" is a synopsis of my journey to ADHD awareness. It begins with evidence of my ADHD early in childhood and culminates with doubts about the ADHD diagnosis process. "Impact" describes how ADHD affected virtually every aspect of my life, from intimacy to relationships to education performance. "Runaway Brain" highlights four scenarios that heightened my ADHD to the point of it being dangerously out of control. The section also includes a brief chapter about other conditions associated with ADHD. "ADHD Epochs" chronicles certain periods of my life when ADHD symptoms were omnipotent. The epochs reveal a troubled young boy who eventually makes peace with the mental tumult that dominated his life. "What All of This Means" is the last section, a four-chapter compendium of redemption and renewal.

I hope that my story motivates other undiagnosed adults to seek more information about ADHD and then circumspectly consider a consultation with a qualified professional. I stress the word circumspectly because after participating in the initial stage of the current ADHD diagnostic process, I am not convinced the current criterion used for a diagnosis is credible. The diagnostic interview opened my eyes to the subjective ADHD diagnosis. The diagnosis process requires a vigorous overhaul.

I was so dismayed with the initial interview that I shunned a second encounter with a certified psychologist. ADHD professionals want to gather evidence in the second interview to make a conclusive diagnosis. This is my second diagnostic interview, sans the exorbitant consultation fee and mandatory attendance of a significant other to validate my ADHD symptoms. My story needs an audience of more than one certified ADHD clinician or a small group of support group participants. I can help those who struggle with ADHD because I am pouring my heart out, while risking unadulterated scorn discussing the impact of undiagnosed ADHD. Helping others is worth the risk of ridicule.

Dear Mary: My life with ADHD is not a “Woe is me” memoir or technically written “How to…” book. The book is a brutally honest portrayal that shatters the political correctness paradigm.


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About the Author
After 25 years in the restaurant industry, Don K Potochny is pursuing his life purpose as an author and freelance writer. Don's first book, Dear Mary: My Life with ADHD, will be followed by investigative journalism projects that cover topics not presented by the mainstream media.



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