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The Fantastic Human Being by Norma Green Hickox

The Fantastic Human Being

by Norma Green Hickox

264 pages
Twelve levels of chakras and four brain divisions are discussed.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
While Vol. 1 of the New Millennium NoteBooks, The TimeLine of Eternity, showed us the structure of creation, Vol. 2, The Fantastic Human Being is a powerful account of human evolution.

We learn that the chakras are the organs of the ethereal body that surround the physical body while in incarnation. They work in harmony with the physical organs allowing the physical bodies to evolve into beautiful forms for the spirit of the Creator to enter and express through. They cross the line with the spirit between manifestation and non-manifestation.

The physical evolution of our bodies is shown by the addition of the different chakras at different stages of growth. We learn of a twelve level breakdown of each chakra and the influence these levels have on behavior and also on healing. Different combinations of chakras are also discussed as to their effects on our goals in this life. We also learn of the struggle to form seven chakras out of the different countries of the world.

Our mental progress is shown in the stages of growth that our brain went through. We learn about the first brain and what registered on it that allowed progress in thinking to be made. The brain and the chakras were both restructured at the time of Atlantis.

The secret of evolution itself is in the changing of the memories and passing on more highly evolved or knowledgeable thought-pictures (genes). One of the more interesting pieces of information in this book is the passing of "changed" genes. We learn that a man could father one child and three years later father another who was directly influenced either for good or for bad by what that father did in the three year period between fathering the two children. The mother also has this ability to pass on "changed" genes between offspring. In fact, she has slightly more influence than the father because the matter for the form is drawn from her cells.

Our brain is really divided into four sections Ė the lower left for physical body; the lower right for emotional body; the upper left for mental body and the upper right for spiritual body. This gives us twelve levels or mind dimensions and is the path of progress that should be followed in each life. Most people are working on mind dimension three using only twenty-five percent of their brainpower.

There is a powerhouse built into each person, but most people do not make substantial progress in a lifetime due to a lack of education as far as spiritual truths go on the earth plane. The logical starting point is not the churches obviously, because they donít have the spiritual truths. These truths need to be instilled in our educational system. Classes need to be interwoven with much creative endeavor. To awaken the creativity, is a guarantee of changing oneís observations of life and the attitudes that go with the observations. This is why the arts must be brought back into our educational system.


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About the Author
Norma is a professional musician. She plays and teaches six instruments and composes music. She has been an organist and choir director for many different spiritual denominations and has also taught vocal music in private schools. She has also been involved with the arts of painting, writing, dance and theater.



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