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Forty Miles Of Bad Road by Paidra Delayno

Forty Miles Of Bad Road

by Paidra Delayno

332 pages
Sessions brought forward in time to avenge a mother's death.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
The mother loves her son. The father is a mean drunk. After a hard round of drinking, in a fit of rage the father kills the mother. The son hears the entire process but cannot help her. Fear has gripped his heart and he is unable to move.

Bob Rydel, the 15 year old son, retreats to the basement of their Nevada home where his imagination allows him to finish a time machine he had been constructing. He calls forward U.S. Marshal J.B. Sessions from the latter 1800ís, along with his six deputies, all very capable men.

In the 1800ís, Sessions has been commissioned by a priest to bring Alan Rydel to justice. The quest follows the marshal through the portal of time. What he doesnít realize is that he is no longer in the 1800ís

The priest required that Alan Rydel be hung from a cross in front of the church. The church itself could not withstand the test of time but the cross did. Sessions manages to complete the task for which he had been hired.

Bob Rydelís uncle places him in a mental health clinic suitable for a teenage boy. The doctor feels the entire story about Sessions is a product of a young mind tormented by an abusive father. When the doctor finally declares the boy fit to return home, his mind has taken on a totally new personality.


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About the Author
Paidra Delayno Paidra Delayno lives in the hills of Oregon. From her office window she looks out on to the world of fiction, a special place filled with characters waiting to be brought to the readerís attention. Her style of writing allows the reader to use their imaginations to see her characters.



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