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The TimeLine of Eternity by Norma Green Hickox

The TimeLine of Eternity

by Norma Green Hickox

252 pages
Birth and development of universe, galaxy, solar system, planet, humans.
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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
About the Book
This is a book that attempts to show people that we are of a dual nature. We have the animal part of us and the divine part of us. I believe that by showing the large picture of how it all came about, it will help people understand why they have this dual nature.

By starting with a picture of the big bang and progressing through the birth and development of our universe, galaxy, solar system, planet and finally the birth of humans, people will began to see that we really are a complicated piece of work.

Most interesting in the book is the explanation of the experiments done by spacepeople on the animal forms from the very beginning. This was followed by the individualized spirits of the Creator who tried to enter these animals and found they couldn't control them. This led to experiments on the animal forms to develop a better, more controllable form for the spirits to enter. These experiments were in the form of the addition of chakras.

We learn that the Creator's Mind is the most pure of anything possible - that creation will always be pure and that evolution will always be unpure due to the dropping down of the energy.

There is much in the book about discrepancies in the Bible and an attempt is made to set the record straight about them. This includes the story of Adam and Eve which tells us that Eve was formed out of a rib of Adam. Actually it had nothing to do with physical bodies. It did have to do with the split of the divine spark that was attempting to enter the animal bodies, into positive and negative, male and female halves. The animal bodies were either male or female and having both halves of the spirit enter them simply did not, could not work. From the time of "Adam and Eve" on, only one half was allowed to enter the body with the other half guiding the incarnation from the inner planes.

Another fascinating explanation is that of the Garden of Eden. This was started by one of the spacepeople as an experiment as to whether having more nutritious food to eat would improve the new human's (half animal, half man)thinking capacity. One tribe, the tribe of David was divided with one half put in the garden and the other half kept out. Circumcision was used to tell the two halves of the tribe apart (instead of branding like cattle) so that the part of the tribe in the garden would be kept pure for the purpose of the experiment.

The overall effect this book will have on people is that of expanding their mind and seeing a much larger picture of our beginnings. They will realize that there really are two parts to us and both parts are on the path of growing and evolving right along side of each other. What happens when one part is given more thought and energy than the other? Is this what is going wrong in our world today? Think about it!!


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About the Author
Norma is a professional musician playing and teaching six instruments and composing music. She has also been involved with painting, writing, dance and theater. The New Millennium NoteBooks are based on the Science of Music bringing new ideas for technology and giving new ways of looking for answers to questions.



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