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Lab Rats & Hens II: A Changed World by L. S. Dusty Miller

Lab Rats & Hens II: A Changed World

by L. S. Dusty Miller

292 pages
Mitchell tracks down terrorists responsible for engineering a ghastly disease.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
In 2001, Lora Mitchell was hunting AQ4 terrorists attempting to engineer a horrible disease. After three years of chasing tantalizing clues from Florida to the glamour of Hollywood, she finds, and sneaks into their secret lab, only to discover a ‘prototype’, ready for delivery.

The ghastly syndrome is a modified Alzheimer’s variant, designed to attack the brain with fury, but unlike Alzheimer’s, the dementia strikes at a much younger age. If the victims survive the lethal hemorrhagic symptoms, their violent behavior compels them to murderous rampages.

Under the huge drain of medical, financial, and security resources, the United States would suffer an irrecoverable catastrophe.

Before authorities can move in on the lab, the terrorists relocate it, and its awful experiments. Mitchell’s investigation catches the deadly attention of AQ4 assassins. After a near-fatal ‘accident’, she slips undercover in a treacherous swamp to start a new life.

If there’s any hope of stopping the disease, the government must find her, and the information she has. If AQ4 finds her first, she’ll be dead. In a race against time, it’s up to a few good men to hunt down Lora Mitchell, and stop AQ4 from delivering their deadly contagion.



About the Author
Dusty Miller is the author of the series, Hunters of the Cloud. A Changed World is book two of the Lab Rats & Hens series. After years of developing and implementing specialized technology solutions, Miller now spends more time writing, and taking adventure treks with her two dogs.



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