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What Your Travel Agent Won't Tell You by Wade Ishimoto, Mark Monday, Dan'l Steward, and Gary Stubblefield

What Your Travel Agent Won't Tell You

by Wade Ishimoto, Mark Monday, Dan'l Steward, and Gary Stubblefield

124 pages
Safety checklists for the international traveler.

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Category: Travel
About the Book
What Your Travel Agent Won't Tell You is designed to get you home safely when you travel abroad. In an era when the government issues travel warnings like a policeman does traffic tickets, you need the edge this book gives you. The checklists help you minimize the dangers. They show you the steps you need to take to get out of, and stay out of, danger while traveling.

Anywhere you forget to ensure your own safety can become the most dangerous place in the world. A diving trip to an Asian resort can turn you into a terrorist hostage; a flight in Europe can be hijacked; fire in a hotel is a danger anytime, anywhere.

This book is a blueprint designed to assist you in making the individual decisions that collectively -- like the bricks and boards of a house -- make up your security structure. The checklists here are based on the extensive experience of four international travelers who have faced terrorists and other dangers aboard. The checklists are designed to thwart would-be attackers, whether criminals or terrorists.

Trying to remember a universe of security suggestions would be every bit as difficult as trying to remember where every nail, brick and board goes in a house. That is why this book has been laid out as a series of checklists -- blueprints that can help YOU make the right decision for yourself at the appropriate time.

These lists of tactics, techniques and procedures provide a high degree of protection and also serve as both practical and psychological deterrents to criminals and would-be terrorists.

Check off the items, and observe the suggestions, on each pertinent list. You will be erecting a defensive wall that will help prevent untoward encounters and dangerous incidents. Preventing an incident is far easier and more effective than attempting to correct a bad situation. The listed items - the bricks - in this book are steps that, if followed, are preventive rather than reactive. In short, they guide you to deal with a situation before it becomes a crisis rather than correcting a situation that has already turned nasty.

No one can become a security expert overnight, but this handy checklist of tips and rules of thumb - ones you can refer to as you progress in the your travels - will serve to protect you and your assets. The knowledge you gain in the first reading, even if seemingly forgotten, may well come back to you when you need it most. The information and understanding will give you more confidence and may help eliminate behavioral inaction - the tendency to "freeze" during a crisis.

The list format was specially designed to make this information more usable when you need it most under pressure.

The authors regularly use the items in these checklists. They need to. They have to get back from some of the most dangerous locations in the world.



About the Author
Four security leaders from Titan Corporation routinely travel to the most dangerous places in the world. Three are former Special Operations officers - trained to survive in the toughest situations. The fourth is an award-winning writer. They give you the checklists they use themselves to return safely from their dangerous work.



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