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Hunters of the Cloud IV - Damaloa by L. S. Dusty Miller

Hunters of the Cloud IV - Damaloa

by L. S. Dusty Miller

228 pages
The Cloud’s horror moves to Earth (Book Four)

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
In 1947, a horror that had simmered for centuries re-ignited. Scientists watched as a pink mist darkened to red, and rolled across a planet. Spinning a funnel, the twister grew violent, and colors blazed in angry red hues. The Cloud rose from the fury like a giant bird, spreading its wings above the flames. The entity was composed of proteins, neural (brain) energy, and exotic matter. It was the ‘PHoENIX’ – a Protein Helices of Energy and Neural-Infused X-matter.

The Earth’s inhabitants inhaled particles and the infection percolated. Disagreeable conduct became commonplace. “Bigger and better” became the mantra of success, as Beasts sprang forth.

In the USSR, a curious student spent hours of his hobby-time dwelling over a valuable vessel. Its peculiar seals had not corroded or rusted after centuries in seawater. When it was opened, the contents of the urn infected Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov. Less than 20 years later, the gentle, studious, man would change his name, and become a key player in World War I. Vladimir Lenin became the author of mass terror. He was responsible for the first concentration camps built on the European Continent, and for introducing the practice of taking an all-embracing ideology and imposing it on an entire society.

His influence would create a model for men like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and Pol Pot. While Lenin would suffer many neurological ailments throughout his life, no one would attribute his malady, or the evils that would swarm the Earth, to the same entity that had destroyed Atlantis. With the world on edge, the only ones that can save it are Hunters of the Cloud.



About the Author
L. S. Dusty Miller Dusty Miller is the author of Lab Rats & Hens, and the science fiction series, Hunters of the Cloud. After years of developing and implementing specialized technology solutions, Miller now spends more time writing, and taking extended adventure treks with her two dogs into the swamps of Florida.



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