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Feasting and Foraging in Costa Rica, A Comprehensive Food Guide by Lenny Karpman

Feasting and Foraging in Costa Rica, A Comprehensive Food Guide

by Lenny Karpman

332 pages
Comprehensive guide to Costa Ricas's food, recipes, ingredients and restaurants

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About the Book
Feasting and Foraging in Costa Rica is a comprehensive guide to all things edible in this tropical Eden. The book is written to aid and titillate residents, visitors, cooks, food lovers everywhere and armchair travelers.

The author brings his knowledge of nutrition from more than thirty years as a cardiologist, his writing skills from more than 150 publications, his kitchen basics from years as a chef for charity fund raisers and non- profit events, his local understanding from living full-time in Costa Rica and his evaluation of restaurants from stints as a reviewer in California and for AM Costa Rica, an on-line daily. His style is both encyclopedic and literary, sprinkled with anecdotes and humor.

Since the Nuevo-Latino culinary revolution, the evolution of more than a dozen foreign subculture kitchens, the emergence of inventive fusion restaurants and the arrival of a few famous international chefs, Costa Rican has escaped its rice and beans tradition with a glorious explosion – fine dining for all palates and budgets.

The ingredient index describes more than three hundred items. The fruit chapter includes fifty-five tropical varieties. Other chapters demystify local vegetables, meats, seafood, dairy products, baked goods, sweets and spices. There are sections on markets, local preferences, standard and creative recipes, ingredient substitutions for cooks outside the tropics and even some basic restaurant Spanish.

From humble roadside cafés, to five star grand dining-rooms, the book contains information on type and quality of the cuisine plus setting and price of about eighty eateries. You need never suffer from lack of choice with this road map.

Amidst the breathtaking biodiversity of birds, butterflies, orchids and other flowers, volcanoes, surf and rain forests there is an edible cornucopia as well. The greatest treasures of Costa Rica are the people. The culture is non-violent, relaxed and welcoming. No one is in a hurry. Few are judgmental and fewer are ever angry. Break bread with locals whenever the opportunity arises. Savor the people, the land, the culture and the cuisine.



About the Author
Lenny Karpman, prolific author, chef, retired cardiologist, restaurant reviewer and food columnist lives on a farm in Costa Rica with his wife, Joan Hall, and menagerie of rescued animals and birds, amidst orchids, fruit trees, flowers, chickens and a koi pond.



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