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Roots of a Priest by Ken Bowers and John Frochio

Roots of a Priest

by Ken Bowers and John Frochio

246 pages
A Priest's journey to unearth his newly discovered Jewish heritage

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Have you ever wondered how your life would be changed if you woke up one day and discovered that everything you had known about yourself had been a lie? Such was the case with a Roman Catholic priest, who discovered as he stood at his mother's deathbed, that he had been adopted. Later he came to realize that he had been born a Jew.

With help from his high school sweetheart, he traces his past, following clues provided by a watch that had been pinned to his clothing, when he had been smuggled into a convent as a baby with a load of produce delivered by a local farmer.

This is a warm, heart-tugging tale that follows the priest as he learns his true identity and heritage, meets his newly discovered family, and faces trials he never imagined. The story ties the horrors of the past (the Holocaust) with the atrocities of today's troubled events. The priest soon determines that he has some important decisions to make in his life.



About the Author
Ken Bowers and John Frochio Ken Bowers worked for 36 years teaching communications at Riverside High School in Ellwood City, PA, and another five years in customer service at U.S. Air and U.S. Air Express. His interests include antiques, sports and church ministries, primarily in music, singing or playing the piano.

John Frochio worked for 22 years in computer software development in the Pittsburgh, PA area, providing systems for users as diverse as hospitals and steel mills. He is happily married to Connie and has one daughter, Toni. His interests include writing and reading (mostly science fiction), traveling and church ministries.



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