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The Bolt Hole by Lyn Clark

The Bolt Hole

by Lyn Clark

356 pages
Lost autistic child changes lives as secrets are revealed.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
When eleven-year-old Dutch DeValle discovers a strange young boy sheltering in her play house, it would be natural for her to inform her landlady, report him to her older sister, or notify the police. She does none of these. Instead—with the help of her friend Ridley—she hides the child, even as a state-wide search is narrowing its focus to her village. Dutch’s determination to save the child from being “thrown away like so much trash” will have far-reaching consequences for all concerned: Her sister, the mysterious Tan Man, and her spinster landlady all have something to hide that they will be forced to confront as events spiral out of control.

Set in a small village in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts during the last dog days of summer, this is a story of courage, tenacity, and ultimately—for all concerned—new beginnings.


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About the Author
Lyn Clark Clark has had many careers, most notably as English teacher and in sales development for a dictionary company. With her two dogs, she lives, retired, in Western Massachusetts where she gardens, volunteers, reads, writes, and enjoys family. “I have a ferocious imagination,” she says. “It never rests.”



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