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Farewell, Madam President by Richard Lemmon

Farewell, Madam President

by Richard Lemmon

248 pages
Woman is maneuvered into running for President. If elected she will be killed and her VP will take over

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Summer Thompson, the President of Rice University is secretly selected by Treacher Trent, an international arms manufacturer working with Israel and Kuwait. Trent selected her based on polling data suggesting that a woman stood the best chance of being elected President. She refuses but is persuaded for the sake of potential education reforms, unaware that the intention is to murder her if successful. To help finance the campaign, Israel and Kuwait, fearful that America under either a Republican or a Democrat would disarm, join Trent in his plan. To run the campaign and later take over after Summer’s death, Trent chooses his faithful ally, Haywood McCormick, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. To make it all work of course McCormick must see to it that Summer selects him as her running mate. Failing that, he could never take over after her death. Problems arise when Summer instead chooses her friend, Agnes Gatell as her running mate, causing Moishe Tor, Trent’s ally from Israel, to kidnap Gatell, leaving the post of VP unfilled..Summer next chooses McCormick as her running mate, setting the plan back on track. Unfortunately, at that time, Treacher Trent comes to suspect that McCormick has become an alcoholic and therefore untrustworthy. Prince K of Kuwait, in an effort to make sure about McCormick, persuades his mistress to do whatever it takes to find out the truth.

As the long campaign for the Presidency approaches, McCormick’s initial job is to make Summer a household name in America. To help in that task Trent directs his huge TV network to establish her as one of America’s prime talk show hostess. In the meantime McCormick convinces Summer that she must run as an Independent and at the same time make sure she is on the ballot in every state. Well known after a year on TV Summer takes her campaign to Iowa with their caucus primaries, unaware that those caucuses have been rigged in her favor. After Iowa she goes on to the rest of the states, battling the established, if mistrusted, Republicans and Democrats. Debates, press conferences, talk shows, rallies, she does them all, making a huge impression on America. But when Israel and Kuwait refuse to back an alcoholic McCormick as VP and Summer begins to wonder where her unlimited campaign funds come from, all hell breaks loose and several people are murdered



About the Author
Richard Lemmon was raised in Kentucky and, after a stint in the Navy, became an engineer in the Space Program, working with NASA and IBM as a Flight Controller in Mission Control. He retired to pursue his writing and photography. He currently resides in Houston, Texas with his wife, Maryann



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