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Golfing with Nadine by Ronald Perlman

Golfing with Nadine

by Ronald Perlman

196 pages
avid golfer tries to teach his fiance' how to golf

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Category: Sports:Golf
About the Book
Golfing with Nadine is a humorous account of one man's attempt to teach his fiance' the game of golf. Nadine immediately falls in love with the game, but in her eagerness to learn becomes somewhat of an impatient student. Ron Perlman quickly discovers that this new undertaking may present more of a challenge than he expected. Can their love life survive the stormy coach-student relationship?

Golfing with Nadine provides an entertaining look at the battle of the sexes on the golf course while offering advice as to how to nurture a coed golfing relationship. Golfing with Nadine may just put to ease any worries the apprehensive golfer may have about teaching his honey the wonderful game of golf.



About the Author
Ron Perlman lives in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. For over 25 years he has managed a steel supply company and is a graduate of the Rutgers College School of Journalism. He and his lovely golf student, Nadine, together golf the Monmouth County courses where they are often paired with other unsuspecting twosomes.



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