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Hunters of the Cloud - Third Planet by L. S. Dusty Miller

Hunters of the Cloud - Third Planet

by L. S. Dusty Miller

336 pages
Catch the first book about the Cloud and its horrors.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
When the Earth was ancient, civilizations like Teo, Atlantis, and others ceased to exist without explanation. In a wink of time humans develop technology, and societies greedy to engineer molecular structure commit cut-throat atrocities and barbarous acts. They unleash an ancient, horrific, and forgotten enemy.

After Captain Wainwright is attacked by the abomination, a mysterious Hunter comes to the rescue. Together, they must stop the monster - before it annihilates the third planet.



About the Author
Dusty Miller is the author of Lab Rats & Hens, and the science fiction series, Hunters of the Cloud. After years of developing and implementing specialized technology solutions, Miller now spends more time writing and taking extended adventure treks into the swamps of Florida.



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