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Just Deserts by Richard Lemmon

Just Deserts

by Richard Lemmon

184 pages
God intervenes to punish the guilty and save the environment

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
There is trouble on God’s favorite planet in His universe, Earth. The environment is being threatened by huge corporations intent on protecting profits. But the punishment for those corporations, as decreed in the Bible, may not be administered until Judgment Day. Should that decree continue in force, neither the guilty nor the righteous would receive their just due until the Day of Judgment. Justice delayed, justice denied, and so God in His infinite wisdom creates the Office of Just Deserts. To run the new office he selects, Dominick, an Archangel-in-Training and to assist Dominick, His personal favorite, Agnes.

The problem Dominick chooses to first tackle concerns a computer company, Carrington, that intends to twist a new government contract with the EPA in such a way as to hide a plankton problem in the world’s oceans. But God will not let Dominick solve the problem directly, insisting instead that Dominick work through human beings. To help in this endeavor, although forbidden to take him into his confidence, Dominick chooses a young engineer named Charley who has just been hired by Carrington to check the EPA airborne computer which will be used to scan and then evaluate that ocean plankton. Working behind the scenes against Charley is Ben Carrington, CEO of Carrington Computer and his corporate partner in crime, Preston Patterson, the CEO of Dumont Chemical.

As the story unwinds, Charley stumbles across the computer fixes designed to foil the EPA’s plankton monitoring. At first offered a reward to keep quiet and then threatened with losing his job, Charley pushes on against the corporate giants and is eventually joined by an environmental group. Helping Charley from the start, first by warning him about the lecherous Ben Carrington, is a secretary named Andi McKenzie. More worldly than Charley, she is at first attracted to his naivete and then to his cause. She eventually forces the shy and withdrawn Charley into realizing how much he loves her. In the background of course there is always Dominick, some times nudging, other times appearing in disguise to take a more direct role in helping Charley see that he gets his Just Deserts.



About the Author
Richard Lemmon was raised in Kentucky and, after a stint in the Navy, became an engineer in the Space Program, working with NASA and IBM as a Flight Controller in Mission Control. He retired to pursue his writing and photography. He currently resides in Houston, Texas with his wife, Maryann



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