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Prey Ye Not Upon the Sisters by Richard Lemmon

Prey Ye Not Upon the Sisters

by Richard Lemmon

184 pages
Father, a murderous cult leader, mis-uses his Little Sisters and his TV show. A crusading newspaperwoman fights to stop him.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Father, aka Messiah or James Talman, was a con man who ran a cult of young street girls named the Little Sisters, a TV healing show named ‘We Are With You, Jesus,’ and a country estate named Little Jerusalem. The trouble was that Father was a murderer who liked to use his Little Sisters to satisfy his lust in addition to raising money and anchoring his TV show. China O’Day, a crusading newswoman who had inherited a failing newspaper, decided to boost circulation by doing a series on questionable preachers. Father was her choice for that series but the story required an inside source. And the best place for an inside source would be his Little Sisters. To fill that role China would need someone young enough to be a Little Sister and so she chose a rookie reporter named Trent Malone. Trent, ambitious and anxious to please, spurned the low profile of an ordinary Little Sister and decided instead to openly flirt with the lecherous Father thereby speeding things up. China found that out, and worried about the danger to her young reporter, attempted to take Trent off the series. Trent however refused, threatened to take her story elsewhere and even escalated the problem by persuading Father to set her apart from the other Sisters by putting her up in a condo.

With the newspaper in full pursuit and his Board of Directors threatening trouble, Father ignores his problems and decides to expand his TV coverage by persuading his wife’s Father, BJ, to sell him the TV network that now airs his ‘We Are With You, Jesus’ TV show. Unable to come up with the required down payment, Fathers instead offers BJ a week with one of his Little Sisters. When that backfires, Father sees to it that the Little Sister disappears. The second such Little Sister to disappear. In the meantime, China, approaching from another direction, attempts to convince a member of Father’s Church Board to turn State’s evidence. Unaware of this and still intent on trying to buy BJ’s religious network, Father next offers Trent as a down payment to BJ. When that fails and she escapes BJ, Father’s empire is ready to be brought down.



About the Author
Richard Lemmon was raised in Kentucky and, after a stint in the Navy, became an engineer in the Space Program, working with IBM and NASA as a Flight Controller in Mission Control. He retired to pursue his writing and photography. He currently resides in Houston, Texas with his wife, Maryann



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