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PREFERRED STOCK INVESTING - Fifth Edition by Doug K. Le Du


by Doug K. Le Du

334 pages
Learn to screen, buy and sell the highest quality preferred stocks

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Category: Business:Personal Finance and Investing
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About the Book
This latest edition of Preferred Stock Investing shows you how to screen, buy and sell the highest quality preferred stocks to earn above average dividend income while creating multiple downstream capital gain opportunities.

Income investors already know about Doug K. Le Dus widely published preferred stock research articles and newsletters. Doug writes in plain English for non-experts. And now his latest preferred stock research is available in Preferred Stock Investing.

This completely updated edition includes Dougs latest research and updated charts and examples using real preferred stocks. This edition has been completely re-written to focus on the buying conditions that we will be facing over the next two years.

Preferred Stock Investing starts at the beginning, explaining what preferred stocks are, the three different types and the pros and cons of investing in them versus common stocks, bonds or bank Certificates of Deposits. From there, Preferred Stock Investing uses actual preferred stocks to show you how to screen, buy and sell the highest quality issues.

Also, through the book's website readers of Preferred Stock Investing are supported by a wealth of continuously updated resources, including a free monthly preferred stock research newsletter. Preferred Stock Investing lists all qualifying preferred stocks that have been issued since January 2001 and shows you the actual results that you would have had by following the preferred stock investing method described throughout the book.

The information presented within Preferred Stock Investing makes it very clear that the highest quality preferred stocks represent one of the best investment opportunities for individual investors.


I am very happy with the CDx3 method. I used to put my longer term money into CDs and government agency debt. Now I buy preferred stocks from the CDx3 Bargain Table. Its a perfect fit!
Carl Jensen, Futures Trader

I'm doing super with the CDx3 system.
Don Cummings, Private Investor


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About the Author
Doug K. Le Du is a preferred stock researcher. His initial research regarding the market price behavior of preferred stocks was published in a 2003 research paper with the first edition of Preferred Stock Investing following in 2006. Doug also publishes two monthly preferred stock research newsletters - the CDx3 Newsletter and CDx3 Research Notes.



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