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Hunters of the Cloud II - Early Years by L. S. Dusty Miller

Hunters of the Cloud II - Early Years

by L. S. Dusty Miller

308 pages
Teo, Pyramids, the Phoenix - ancient legends that started beyond Earth.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
The ancient malevolence predicted by native shaman and prophets is here. The abomination has crept from world to world, fueling natural urges into rude behavior and murderous rages. The mayhem corroded societies until they self-destructed. Gaining strength from their energy and heated emotions, the Cloud grew, ready to consume more.

Gifted individuals can detect the Cloud’s energy and its dark presence. Using ancient weapons, these benevolent Hunters set out to defend the innocent, and stop the horrific entity, but their very threat targets them for extinction. Archives chronicle the Hunters’ victories like Teotihuacán on Earth...and near-failures, like Atlantis.

Kima Rei is a delightful ten-year-old, filled with exuberant spirit and entertaining antics. Her rare talents and skill will put her face-to-face with the most ghastly beasts and terrible nightmares imaginable. She won’t give up, and she can’t fail. From Firespray to Earth, the only protectors against the vicious entity are Hunters of the Cloud.



About the Author
Dusty Miller has written the Hunters of the Cloud series. Miller is also hard at work on Lab Rats and Hens, a series based on experiences with the medical lab and sentinel programs. Miller lives in Florida with her two dogs and stays active as a systems analyst.



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