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The Laws of Marriage (and Divorce and Remarriage) by Jon Clerry

The Laws of Marriage (and Divorce and Remarriage)

by Jon Clerry

116 pages
This book offers the reader what God has to say about your marriage.

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. But listening to marriage counselors and reading books on marriage you get an entirely different picture. The author takes both marriage counselors and books on marriage to task for not making people more aware of what the risks are. He brings his point home when he shows how many great people have fallen prey to these problems.

Psychologists, marriage counselors, and ministers can offer many suggestions to help with your marriage. But this book is unique in that the author gives you the answers of a person who found the answers from these people insufficient. You can gain from years of making sense of all the different pieces of advice through research into what the Bible says.

Being married for over 45 years, Jon Clerry also draws on the experience of hundreds of other couples he worked closely with as a consultant. He not only read numerous marriage books to help with his marriage but he was also instrumental in recommending books to many couples for their marriage problems. Combine this with his intense desire to know Godís will through reading the Bible and you get the magical solutions to todayís marriage problems this book offers.

Jon Clerry and his wife enjoy a unique life style and have a marriage many would love to have. They exhibit a youthful exuberance in everything they do and give the picture of two newly weds enjoying a day together everywhere they go.



About the Author
The author writes from almost 50 years experience as a husband that is multiplied many fold from working with many other couples as they struggle to make their marriages work. His work is unique because it is based entirely on biblical precepts. He captures why divorce rates are excessive even in the church.



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