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by Paidra Delayno

348 pages
Jack Cole; (pronoun) jak-cole (noun) detective, (adj.) uncompromising, reliable, tenacious

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Higher profile citizens usually find satisfaction from the police when trouble comes knocking on their door. For those not privileged to be in this station of life, there are men and women like Jack Cole, private investigator. Trouble comes in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps the problem is simple, such as a young man taking advantage of a friend's daughter. Perhaps a husband has gone missing.

Diane Stone is in the latter category. Her husband has been missing for over a month and the police are unable to shed any light on the situation. A friend recommends Cole. A man of his capabilities doesn't need to advertise. Trouble finds him.

The case's epicenter is Portland, Oregon but escalates up and down the western states. Cole has no problem establishing himself as a player in the national arena. The playing field is occupied by evil, greedy men on one side and FBI and CIA agents on the other. When Cole turns up the heat the tentacles of duplicity reach as far east as the White House.

As a former CIA agent, Cole knows the rules of the game. Two younger women come into his life which blur the picture slightly. When most of the cards are on the table he knows who the players are and what he has to do to bring them to justice. What he doesn't know is the CIA has their own agenda.

CIA agents are always in the fold, whether out in the cold or retired. The Agency never forgets their own and Jack Cole is still standing when the smoke finally clears. He finishes what he started but the spoils of war go to the Agency.

Verifiable Evidence is an easy read detective story written strictly for the enjoyment of anybody who's mind allows them to become involved in the story. All of the DayDreamin' Stories publications tend to leave out the parts most readers skip over when reading lengthy, heavily detailed books. Come and let your imagination put you into this adventure.



About the Author
Paidra Delayno lives on two beautiful acres 20 miles from nowhere in one of Oregon's beautiful mountain ranges. Her days are filled with writing, vegetable gardening, listening to her music collection, and communicating with internet friends.



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