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Prodigal Son by Richard Lemmon

Prodigal Son

by Richard Lemmon

264 pages
Crazed man avenges father's suicide by pursuing President United Staes.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Freddy Harmon might, just might, have survived his father's suicide and the loss of Harmon Hollow, the family farm, if his wife Anne hadn't deserted him in New York and taken their son back with her to Rockport, Maine. But the combination of all three drove him over the edge and all that he could think of was to kill the three men he considered responsible.

The first man Freddy went after was the banker who had convinced his father, Amos, to take out a loan on Harmon Hollow and with it, buy enough extra acreage to raise corn. Corn in Maine? Not a good idea and as a result Amos lost the farm. Unable to face Freddy with what he'd done, Amos took his life, unaware the banker had anticipated what would happen so as to gain control of Harmon Hollow for other purposes.

The second and third men that Freddy held responsible were the President and Vice-President of the United States. Two politicians, intent on re-election, who had devised a plan to increase the nation's exports by selling more corn overseas. And so the banker, at the urging of the government, and for his own reasons, loaned Amos the money he would never be able to repay. Good-bye Amos, hello Harmon Hollow. And the losers? Freddy and his father.

The banker was the first and the easiest since he lived in Rockport, but for the other two, Freddy had to go to Washington, D.C.. Once there he learned that his original idea of simply shooting the President with a shotgun as he passed under his hotel window, couldn't be made to work. He would need help. And so he enlisted the aid of a Washington pimp named Street Man, his main woman, Sunny and a drug dealer called Chemist.

Oposing Freddy in this venture are his ex-wife, Anne, the Rockport Chief-of-Police, T.J., and the U.S. Secret Service.The battle rages then from Rockport to Kennebunkport, Maine, to Washington's Walter Reed Hospital and finally the Grand Canyon, where Freddy and a dying Sunny, are determined to kill the President on the Bright Angel Trail.



About the Author
Born in Louisville, Ky. Served in U.S. Navy and from there to college in St. Louis. Worked with IBM and NASA in Space Program and Mission Control. Retired in Houston, Tx. to pursue photography and writing.



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