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Thanks for the Memories by Richard Lemmon

Thanks for the Memories

by Richard Lemmon

176 pages
Man faces death helped by wife with loving plan.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Charley Trent has an inoperable tumor that is destroying his brain, cell by cell, day by day. And as the brain dies, so do the memories of a lifetime, dragging Charley into an abyss of frustration as he desperately fights the fading of the light. But his wife Maggie, refusing to let him slip away into that dark night of lost memories, comes up with a plan. Those memories that have slipped away from Charley forever, never were. Out of his mind, they are either out of her mind or twisted to fit the present. Where Charley, for example, forgets he is retired, Maggie reminds him he is on vacation, soon to return. Where Charley forgets how to drive, Maggie insists it is her turn to drive, "please let me, Charley. Please."

But Maggie's needs help with her loving plan and calls on their only daughter Tari for that help. Tari, recently divorced with long standing issues against Charley going back to childhood, reluctantly agrees. But she'll have to move back home to do this and so she does. Along with Charley's granddaughter, Anne and her houskeeeper, Emily, an old black woman.

And now the trail begins in ernest. For when Charley continues to regress back to his childhood, the people and the places of the present must also fade away. Tari? Who is Tari? And Anne? And what is that black woman doing in his life? Peoples and places forgotten by Charley are peoples and places that no longer exist for Maggie either. And so it goes, with Maggie always scrambling to find a place in his life for the family he is slowly forgetting. Personnas must be inagined, assembled and then inevitably reassembled to fit,

Eventually of course, when the places that were his present in Houston are forgotten Maggie must return him to the place that still exist in his mind, his howetown, Louisville. There Charley can once again be comfortablei in his mind. He is home, with all the memories of what that used to mean a long time ago. And to make that home even more real, Maggie, with Tari's help, manages to buy back Charley's old apartment, now a condo. They all move with him into that condo, Tari, Anne, Emily...and always there is Maggie, the one constant in his life. Sometimes wife, sometimes friend, whatever fits. Whatever loves demand.

But time is running out for Charley and as Christmas approaches, albeit in July, his family buys a tree and decorates the condo for his last Christmas. Christmas morning dawns clear and sweet with Charley holding Maggie tight in his arms.



About the Author
Born in Louisville, Ky. High school in Rochester, N.Y. served in Navy, college in St. Louis and was employed by IBM and NASA in the Space Program serving in Mission Control. Retired to Houston, Tx to continue writing and photograpy.



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