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Dad Duty Seattle: Dad-Tested Kid-Approved Adventures That Won't Bore Your Socks Off by Ean Vent

Dad Duty Seattle: Dad-Tested Kid-Approved Adventures That Won't Bore Your Socks Off

by Ean Vent

108 pages
Vent unveils the secret for success: the Bore-o-Meter

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Category: Travel
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About the Book

Finally, a guidebook specifically created to wow both kids and dads. The other guidebooks offer hundreds of pages of overwhelming choices, but still leave a poor dad clueless and bored senseless at the Children’s Museum. Now, Vent offers Seattle dads a decade worth of grand successes (and dramatic failures) for their Dad Duty. You won’t find a museum, aquarium, or planetarium in this book. Vent instructs dads to save any outing ending in seum or rium for the in-laws and school field trips. This guidebook offers dad-tested and kid-approved adventures guaranteed not to bore your socks off!

“Vent unveils the secret for Dad Duty success: The Bore-o-Meter”

The secret for Dad Duty success lies in the multi-faceted rating scale known as: the Bore-o-Meter. Each outing in this book must pass the Bore-o-Meter test; otherwise it might make the Bench Warmers section, or simply be cut. From racetracks to trolley tracks, amusement parks to grassy parks, and city beaches to the city dump, this book keeps dads on the go and avoids boredom at all costs.

As Vent states, “A bored dad leads to an irritable dad, and an irritable dad ain’t gonna have much patience! Alas, without patience, all is lost.”

The youngsters really do grow fast, and this remains a dad’s chance to shine. So chalk up some lasting memories and give your lady a much needed break!

“Every dad needs this indispensible book in their arsenal...”



About the Author
Ean Vent holds a B.S in Computer Science and a Masters in Software Engineering, but that doesn’t hold a candle to the challenges and joys of parenthood. When not stuck programming software, you’ll find him tooling around Seattle with his kids or out on a date-night with his wife.



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