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Find Your Roots Now! by Joe Long

Find Your Roots Now!

by Joe Long

148 pages
How to create your family tree with Internet links.

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About the Book

FIND YOUR ROOTS NOW!, a step-by-step guide for beginning genealogists. This publication combines the power of the Internet with sound research practices.

Readers will learn the fundamental skills needed to properly build a family tree beginning with themselves and working backward in time. Many beginning researchers first become interested in their family history by learning of a Civil War veteran or an early pioneer to the American frontier. However, they may jump to incorrect conclusions about how they are related to that individual because they have not done the initial research to lay the groundwork for past generations.

This book combines the best family tree research methodology with modern technology to help advance the field of genealogy. As an example there are over 25 links to databases, books and articles on church records alone, normally a difficult topic to research.

This book teaches the "Pyramid" method to help new genealogists get started. Under this system, a solid base is built to lay the ground work for future research. If the more recent generations are not researched properly before moving backward in time, the entire family line could collapse under the weight of unsupportable conclusions. Readers are taught to document everything to verify their work and to not accept the research of others without proper citations.



About the Author
The author, Joe Long, has over 29 years of hands-on experience researching his family tree. With this new book, he brings this knowledge to beginning researchers and adds a twist by including hundreds of direct hot-links to relevant genealogical websites. As a result, the beginning researcher can quickly learn not only how, but where to start their search for ancestors.



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