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Common Sense by Jon Clery

Common Sense

by Jon Clery

136 pages
Hard hitting logical answers to many of the problems facing America.

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Category: Politics
About the Book
American Politics split almost 50:50 on every issue. Obviously a large percentage of the population is "not getting it right". Instead of people agreeing on issues that are important to all of us they flounder with illogical opinions. And when you analyze their opinions they frequently make no sense at all.

This book cuts through the emotions and opinions behind the issues to get at the logic that can lead to an answer. The author draws on a varied background and down home common sense to come up with answers to many of today's biggest issues. He looks for parallels from other problems that have already been solved. For example he uses the experiences America gained from World War Two to get at how we can solve many of the issues of today's War on Terrorism. And he looks at the successful way we handle car insurance to get at how we can answer the problems of providing health insurance for everyone.

It is rare to see all the logic behind political or religious arguments. Usually political or religious leaders are restricted because of ties they have to political or religious associations. But this book has no ties of this sort and can therefore offer many such insights. It is a refreshing look at how we can solve many of the religious and political problems facing us today. Whereas politics is the art of compromise, this book is not. Unlike a politician the author has no problem showing you how he truly feels on an issue. And the same holds true for the religious questions he tackles. Unlike many ministers and theologians the author is not held to any formal restrictions on his religious commentaries.

The table of contents shows an eclectic array of problems tackled in the book. You can benefit from the views of a strong logician on a single problem. Or you can get unusual insights into a large array of problems facing America today. Either way the book should prove useful in deriving or solidifying your own answers to these problems.



About the Author
John Clerry is a hard-hitting logician. He has a knack for cutting through the details to get at the heart of a problem. He has a reputation of offering common sense answers to many difficult problems. Regardless of whether you agree with his answers, you'll find his logic thought provoking.



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